Map Reading & Navigation Essentials for Hikers Online Masterclass

This 90 minute masterclass is a great starting point for anyone who feels they have little or no navigation skills. It will also greatly assist those who feel they have reasonable nav skills but want a refresher and to improve. Everyone will be surprised at how much knowledge they may already have!

Much of the session provides useful practical advice and tips. One of the primary aims is to improve your skill set. Often people repeat the same mistakes over and over which convinces them they are not very good. We want to get past this!

Usually navigation courses are done face to face, we obviously have some limitations by doing the session remotely. However, we have developed a session full of practical tips and tricks. We are proud of the positive feedback our unique skills session is getting:

“I participated in the online navigation course led by Sean Bolland. I found the course very helpful. It’s very much aimed at beginners, and starts from absolute basics. Sean’s explanations were very clear, and he used screen-sharing very effectively to give examples with maps. I came away feeling I’d learned some new skills and also refreshed some points I was rusty on. Definitely would recommend this for anyone with no/limited experience of navigation. I hope to do the outdoor practical course at some point in the future.” Alan

At the end of the session, your expert Navigation Coach, Sean, will suggest ways for you to put things into practice and how to take your skills to the next level.

Seminars will be conducted by Zoom. It would be helpful, but not essential that participants are familiar with using Zoom. The following additional items would also be helpful for the Seminar but not essential:

  • Compass, any model or type. If you have more than one type, bring them all.
  • Any map. OS or Harveys, 1:25000, 1:50000, 1:40000. If you have one of each scale, bring them all.