Navigation Courses

Accredited National Navigation Award Scheme Providers.

Do you struggle getting from A to B, often ending up at L,O,S and T instead?

Be adventure smart and understand the role of technology in the hills. Many of us have Navigation Apps on our mobile phones, GPS units or activity trackers. We want you to get the most out of your technology. The reality is batteries die and coverage in rural and mountain areas can be patchy. Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team in a recent call-out had to rescue (successfully) a small group of ill-equipped hikers from Ben Nevis. Reporting on the Rescue, the Team said:

If you plan to use smart phone technology to navigate or think it will give you info/connectivity to get out of a situation it could fail. You should not be without a map or a compass and more important the skills to use them.

If you are new to navigation or looking for a refresher, we want to boost your skills to give confidence and keep you safe.

Learn some basic navigations skills and spend the day in gorgeous scenery or even from the comfort of your home with our online masterclasses. Navigation may not come naturally to everyone but to learn the basics is life-changing and possibly life-saving.

We can provide navigations skills as part of your event or it’s preparation. Our standalone Navigation Days either online or in the field are popular (especially bespoke sessions for women hikers and athletes). We will support you on your map reading fundamentals for use on every hike to micro-navigation skills vital for going off-path in the hills. A useful refresher to help you complete your challenge event whether that be the OMM; a 3PC or other endurance event.

We have extensive experience of working with a range of experiences, runners and walkers as well as individuals and groups. Adventure Trails are accredited providers with the National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS). Working your way up from novice to navigation ninja you can earn Bronze, Silver and Gold Navigator awards each being a two day programme. For those with less time, we also provide a formal one-day module. All of these sessions are a mixture of classroom time as well as out in the hills to practice.

We can provide these sessions all over the UK including the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and Cannock Chase in the West Midlands.

Please get in touch for more details and to discuss your requirements.