The risk of transmitting Covid-19 is much lower outdoors than indoors.

This Code of Practice is written in accordance with professional guidance to reduce the transmission risk as far as possible. However, there is still a low risk of virus transmission, which we cannot eliminate.

You must NOT attend any outdoors Adventure Trail events if:

a) You, or anyone in your household, has any Covid-19 symptoms (cough, fever, loss of or change in your sense of taste or smell).

b) You, or anyone in your household, has had a positive Covid-19 test in the previous 10 days.

c) You have been contacted by the Government’s “Test and Trace” programme and told to isolate.

d) You, or anyone in your household, has been in close contact with someone infected, suspected or diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 10 days.

e) You have recently returned from a Country that is NOT on the UK Government’s “safe travel corridor” list and you are required to quarantine.

Restrictions If in force and you live in an area with National, Local or Regional Restrictions then you must check and follow the specific Government Guidance for your area. If Government Guidance allows, then you are welcome to attend one of our outdoor events, subject to this Code Of Practice. There should be no socialising or mingling with people you do not live with before or after your event. You must not socialise indoors with people from other households such as in a pub, restaurant or café. It is your responsibility to check your relevant Government Guidance and comply with any restrictions.

If you are unable to attend due to Covid-19 symptoms or self-isolating, please let Adventure Trails know before your event begins, even if it is very last minute. Adventure Trails will offer you a refund or issue you with a credit note to be redeemed within 12 months. In this case, please contact Julia on 01524 900350.

Pre-Event Briefings Most Adventure Trails briefings for guided hikes, challenges and outdoor events will be done online via email information, website links and/ Zoom (if appropriate). Please ensure you read any emails carefully and fully.

Some NNAS Adventure Trails Navigation Skills Courses may have sessions online using Zoom before the outdoors elements.

Meeting Points & Toilets Adventure Trails will meet outdoors in a public car park or parking area, with, if possible, toilet facilities. Adventure Trails will also provide its own handwashing/sanitising facilities.

Social Distancing Adventure Trails will adhere to recommended social distancing throughout the day. Venue choice, teaching methods and how the Leaders operate will be adapted to adhere to social distancing.

Group Size Organised outdoor physical activity run by a business such as Adventure Trails with risk assessments including reasonable steps to mitigate risk of transmission of COVID-19 are exempt from the “Rule of 6”. Government Guidance in place prior to 2 December 2020 stipulated a cap of 30 participants for outdoor events. This cap has been removed. However, currently, we have decided to continue with this maximum size for our events as part of our COVID-secure guidance and risk assessments. Government Guidance states this must include consideration of the number of people likely to take part in the proposed activity. It is much easier to be agile with a group of this size and is an excellent transition size as we emerge from confinement to increase confidence in participating in outdoor larger group events. We will continue to follow best practice with our participant numbers per Mountain Leader.

Fabric Face Coverings If there are times when we need to briefly get closer than the recommended distance then please wear your face covering (e.g. a busy section of narrow path). These should be practical to wear in an outdoors setting, as well as quick and easy to put on and off, for example a ‘Buff’ neck gaiter, bandana or scarf.

It is your choice whether you wear a face covering whilst walking and social distancing.

Hand Hygiene Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after your event. We will provide hand washing and sanitiser facilities.

Please bring hand sanitiser gel and use it regularly throughout the day, especially before eating food, after contact with surfaces or shared equipment.

To minimise risk of transmission of infection, there is to be no sharing of food, drinks, clothing, pens or items of outdoor kit outside household groups. Any emergency clothing and equipment will be disinfected before and after use.

Outdoor Clothing and Kit Please bring all of your own necessary outdoor clothing, gear or kit you will need as well as food and water. Please refer to the Adventure Trails Kit list.

Your Leader will carry clean emergency items to comply with safety requirements.

Navigation Courses We will provide a separate Kit list. If required, any laminated maps or compasses which you do need to borrow will be disinfected before & after use.

Please refer to the separate Kit Lists which you have been sent.

Adventure Trails is sensitive to the concerns of local landowners, residents, businesses and stakeholders (such as National Park Authorities, Mountain Rescue, conservation organisations) in our choice of parking, venues and use of local facilities. Adventure Trails will try to avoid the “honey pots” of popular venues, pinch points and routes which may force us to be close to other people. Ensure you take all your litter home with you to recycle or dispose safely.

After an event

If you develop Covid-19 symptoms after attending an event with us then apply for a COVID-19 test and support NHS contact tracing. If NHS contact tracers ask for the details of people on the walk, contact us. Please see our Privacy Policy.


This Code of Practice will be updated as and when necessary to adhere to current Government advice, as well as advice from Mountain Training, Outdoors Industries Association & NNAS.